Hello all and thanks for visiting  A little about me:  I was born and raised in Chicago and, though currently residing in Burbank, California, still live and die with my beloved Chicago Cubs (mostly die).  I got my start as an actor in the Chicago Theater scene at the age of fifteen before earning an interdisciplinary BA degree at U.S.C. and Columbia College in theater and film.  I went on to be an actor for some years, started an art-rock band “Wasted Holiday” before settling into my groove as a screenwriter and director.  In essence, I’m a worker bee storyteller on a giant rock drifting through infinite space.

I specialize in thrillers; some mixed with action, some with comedy, some more seasoned with horror.  

My idols: Hitchcock, Kubrick, Lynch, Spielberg, Christopher Nolan, Alan Parker, Woody Allen, Scorcese, Coppolla and Orson Wells. Oh, and vintage John Carpenter (Halloween, The Fog, The Thing, Escape From New York).  Genius.  

I am also continually amazed and in awe of the great humorists of this world.  From Lenny Bruce to George Carlin, Richard Pryor to Chris Rock, Monty Python to, well Monty Python.  Nothing touches them.

Come play with me… Wait, that sounds creepy, like those two twin girls from “The Shining.”  But in a way it’s true: I am an adult playing make believe in a very expensive toy shop.  There’s nothing else I’d rather be doing.  Okay, managing The Chicago Cubs.  But besides that, directing film, writing stories, working with other wonderful artists in this collaborative art-form is what it’s all about for me.  So maybe I’m more like those twin creepy girls than I want to admit.  Yes, yes I am – come play with me!


Feel free to email or call my manager Richard Arlook directly if you have any questions regarding the availability of any of my projects in development.  Or just shoot me a message if you want to talk movies, which I am always up for with anyone, anytime.  And don’t forget to click “Like” on the home page or on Facebook at

Thanks again for stopping by,

Jeremy Sklar



2008 Accolade Merit Award for Best Pilot

2008 Official Selection Very Short Movies Festival

2008 Indie Award Winner for Best Pilot